Certified Radiation Protection Officer Comprehensive Training Course

The purpose of this program is to fully equip the participant with the knowledge of the potential hazards of ionizing radiation and appropriate ways to protect all concerned.

This course intends to provide Radiation Protection Officers (RPO) with comprehensive knowledge on radiation safety practices, as per IAEA guidance. The course has been designed to provide detailed advice about operational radiation safety during the handling of fixed nuclear gauges for personnel performing Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) duties or as Radiation Workers in the medical, industrial, dental or academic fields.

This course is for RPO’s whose employer is licensed and designated to supervise radiation safety within a facility and who are required to ensure that such work is carried out safely and according to the relevant national requirements.

Participants should be familiar with operations performed in such facilities, their organizational infrastructure and working procedures, and their relevant regulatory requirements. Participants who will benefit from this course should have:

Have responsibility for organizing the training of personal.

Have sufficient authority to perform the functions of an RPO.

Be a central point of reference within a company for radiation protection matters. Responsibility for carrying out or directly supervise contingency plans in the event of an accident or incident.

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