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We aim to make the world a safer place by providing state of the art training, equipment, security and consulting services to the CBRNE response and environmental protection community.

National Training Center CBRN

Training within

your own specialism or together with other care providers


Mandatory safety briefing

Participants receive a mandatory safety briefing before training. During the training, they must always follow the instructions of the safety officer of the NTC CBRN.

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The NTC CBRN Uses Among Other Things

  • vehicles;
  • special clothing sets;
  • flora and fauna simulation;
  • equipment to simulate MDMA and Ecstasy labs, among other things;
  • weapons and explosives simulation;
  • simulation training system (STS). With STS you train in a virtual world.
    The system includes:
    • real-time link between the live and virtual environment;
    • audio and video capture;
    • track and trace system;
    • C2000 system and Wi-Fi /4G coverage on site;
    • simulated source and effect area ( simulated plume );
    • simulated casualty game;
    • extensive evaluation options ( after action reviews ) with data from the simulation and training system.
  • realistic counterplay through the use of actors and human patient simulators (HPS).
    HPS are lifelike dolls and therefore resemble real victims. The doll blinks. Breathing and heartbeat are visible and palpable. Disorders and reactions after an incident with chemical agents make it lifelike.
    The doll can have shortness of breath, a shock reaction or an epileptic seizure. Emergency workers can train technical skills on the dummy. Such as drawing blood and inserting a breathing tube (intubation). The NTC CBRN has 3 adult dolls and 2 children’s dolls.

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