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Olivier Mattmann

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At Hotzone Solutions, our goal is to provide support to organizations and professionals as they build their careers and develop the skills needed to predict, prevent, prepare, respond to, and recover from CBRN and hazmat critical events. Our team is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive range of top-class academic and vocational training courses to clients around the world, both online and in person.

No matter what industry you are coming from – whether it be military, police, healthcare, oil and gas, or any other service – we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Choose Hotzone Solutions to take your skills, expertise and career to the next level.


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Dr Oliver S1

Olivier Mattmann

Boban Cekovic CBRNe Live Agents Instructor

Boban Cekovic

General Manager, Operations
Ahmed Ibrahim CBRNe Live Agents Instructor

Ahmed Ibrahim

Business Growth Director

Necer Edine Ziouani

Coordination Manager

Safet Mecinovic

Projects Manager

Tianna Heux


Ad Kocx

Senior Instructor
Rob Dassen is a former Dutch NCO and a highly experienced senior instructor and CBRN expert who has been working with Hotzone Solutions since 2018.

Rob Dassen

Senior Instructor
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