Ad Kocx


Ad Kocx

Senior Instructor

Ad Kocx is a former CBRN Lieutenant Colonel of the Dutch army, he is a highly experienced and respected CBRN expert with over 40 years of experience in the field. He graduated from the Dutch Officers School for Special Services and began his career in CBRN as an education and logistics officer. Throughout his career, Ad has held a variety of roles, including CBRN instructor, leader of the instruction unit, chemical decontamination officer with UNSCOM in Iraq, CBRN school commander, company commander, and CBRN advisor for the Land forces Commanders.

In his role as a CBRN school commander, Ad was responsible for the restoration of the old CBRN Unit and the initiation of live agent exercises in the United States on multiple levels. In his time as part of the Knowledge Centre, he was responsible for the practical implementation of Civil-Military cooperation and the development of the Training Centre in Vught.

He has deep and specialized knowledge and experience in decontamination, detection, software, sampling and identification, reconnaissance, casualty handling, individual protection, safety awareness, scenario training, incident management, and SIBRA.

Since 2013 Ad Kocx is a Senior Instructor for Hotzone Solutions, where he uses his extensive knowledge and experience in CBRN to design and deliver training courses to government agencies, international organizations, and private sector clients. He is responsible for providing expert advice and support to clients in the field of CBRN.

Ad is a key figure in the development of Hotzone Solutions’ training programs, ensuring that they are up-to-date and relevant through his research and analysis of CBRN topics. Ad’s experience and reputation in the industry make him a valuable asset to Hotzone Solutions and clients alike.

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