Designing and Managing CBRN Tenders

Designing Effective CBRN Tenders & Management – Hotzone Solutions has designed this 5-day course to focus on the full tender process that CBRN buyers must follow when running tenders. This includes.

Designing the tender documents as per the set procurement strategy of CBRN/Hazmat goods and services. This course will help participants to draft and run the tender procedures efficiently, so that the best suppliers, can be sourced, to deliver the business need. Different sectors run these tenders differently. Public sector manages its tenders, in compliance with strict government guidelines, CBRN/Hazmat sector including Defence Ministries follow strict procurement guidelines too. However, Private sector tenders can vary, as per the business set procurement policy. The buying organization develops clear tender documents and manage the buying process. All the buyers of these sectors set their tender documents in liaison with several stakeholders selected to source the business need.

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