CBRNe Instructors Development

This CBRN Instructors Development course for trainers provides the skills and theory to ensure that trainers know how to deliver effective and engaging courses that contribute to their units training plans.

Hotzone Solutions recognizes that “training is of little or no value if the learning is not transferred to the workplace and does not contribute to organizational goals”. To this end, participants will focus on and learn the classroom skills required to deliver a training course as a trainer, instructor, or facilitator.

Course participants will develop a new understanding of adult learning theory, increase memory retention in the training environment and all the crucial communication skills required to engage them. At Hotzone Solutions, we often use the analogy of growing seeds. Participants, like seeds, will grow when the environment is correct. This course delivers the knowledge, understanding, and skills to create the ideal learning environment in the classroom. Further, this course will address how to install a change in attitude and behaviour of participants on any training course. Our participants always experience a vibrant and friendly learning environment guided by our subject matter experts.

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