A 3 week course consisting of detection, protection and decontamination was successfully conducted for Abu Dhabi Police EOD personnel during February by Hotzone Solutions Middle East

The intense course combining all three elements was the latest in a series of specific to role training designed to assist ADP Directorate General of Security and Ports Affairs in meeting new and current threats.

The period provided course participants with through a mixture of practical and classroom work the ability to apply and adapt key lessons from the three areas mentioned in order to enhance current capability.

Small scale exercise to allow application and investigation of detection and protection principles in a scenario relative to role.

Applying and investigating the use of low cost, expeditionary, team – operated, decontamination options and principles. The training also investigated options using purpose built systems including showers and applicators that harness the ability to decontaminate by removal and detoxification.

Colonel Humaid Saeed Al Afreet, Head of Firearms and Explosives Department at ADP Directorate General of Security and Ports Affairs pictured with course attendees and their commander at the graduation ceremony. Also pictured are the HZS course trainers (Mr Amos Brierley & Mr Jindrich Dvorak) with the course interpreter (Mrs Rania Kattan).


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