North Macedonian Ministry of Defence Receiving Hotzone Solutions Group for Cooperation for Advanced CBRN Security

On February 8, 2023, Hotzone Solutions Group was honoured with a reception from the North Macedonian Ministry of Defence and General Staff Headquarters.

The CEO of Hotzone Solutions Group, Mr Olivier Mattmann, was received by General Simeon Trajkovski, Head of G-5, Strategic Planning and Development in the General Staff of North Macedonian Armed Forces and associated high-ranking officers delegation.

The visit emphasized the benefits of Hotzone Solutions’ expertise services, including experienced and certified personnel, its state-of-the-art equipment, and its ability to provide customized services to meet each client’s individual needs to enhance MOD capability building and operational CBRNS preparedness level.

The discussions then centred around the enhancement possibilities of CBRN training capacities at the Military Training Area “Krivolak.” Hotzone Solutions’ expertise in CBRN and HAZMAT countermeasures would greatly benefit the training capabilities at “Krivolak,” providing advanced training techniques, equipment, and methodologies. The flexibility of Hotzone Solutions’ services would also allow for the customization of its training programs to meet the specific needs of clients from NATO countries, as well as security-vetted clients from the military, law enforcement, EMS, and industry sectors.

After recognizing areas of possible collaboration and expressing mutual interest in further looking into all the possible ways of cooperation, the visit continued with an organized trip to the Military Training Area “Krivolak”- CBRN areas.

The visit concluded with an agreement to further explore the potential for military-civilian/corporate sector cooperation between Hotzone Solutions and the North Macedonian authorities. The visit was a significant step forward for Hotzone Solutions, as it demonstrates the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in the region and providing its clients with the highest level of technical expertise and services in the field of CBRN security. In conclusion, Hotzone Solutions is grateful for the warm welcome by the North Macedonian Ministry of Defence and General Staff Headquarters and is looking forward to further steps into making the company a valuable partner for the North Macedonian Ministry of Defence in the field of CBRN security.


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