Boban Cekovic

Boban Cekovic CBRNe Live Agents Instructor

Boban Cekovic

General Manager, Operations

Boban Cekovic is an accomplished CBRNe professional with almost 30 years of experience. He graduated from the Serbian Military Academy, as NBC Defense Officer. He obtained a Master of Technical Sciences in chemistry of organophosphorus compounds. He served as NBC Defense decontamination unit leader and as a Commander of the Unit for Removal of C/R Accidents Consequences for the city of Belgrade. He continued his research career, up to the Head of the Department for Decontamination and Detection Phenomena at the Military Technical Institute.

Since 2006, Boban completed various roles with the OPCW, including  CW/Munition Specialist Team Leader, Instructor, and Head of Demilitarisation Inspections, also as a member of the UN investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria in 2013, then as a Field Team Lear and as Head of Field Operations (rotational) within the OPCW-UN Mission in Syria. Boban was appointed the Head of the Fact-Finding Mission at the OPCW.

Boban worked with Hotzone Solutions previously as General Manager, Operations (CBRNe SME) and re-joined the company after the end of his service at the OPCW. In his role, as Hotzone Solutions GMO, Boban is responsible for managing and overseeing Hotzone Solutions operations, including training courses, testing and consultancy-related deployments/engagements. He is leading the organization and execution of training & demonstration programs, as well as equipment technical and operational trials/demos.

Boban Cekovic is also responsible for managing personnel deployments and activities, ensuring compliance with workplace health and safety standards, and implementing organizational policies and procedures. He is committed to continuous improvement and leads the development and implementation of quality improvement plans.

He published more than 30 articles in high-impact scientific journals on CBRN, chemistry, non-destructive testing (NDT), emergency response management, and product development.

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