Mobile, self-sustainable platforms configured and optimized for specific activities of the CBRNE incident management process. State of the art equipment for timely response to the threats Customized to match the particular needs Fitted for urban and/or rural deployment.

All of our own products are developed, tested and used by our staff during our own training courses.
Full user training is available on all products.

Full Spectrum Of The CBRNE Incident response

Rapid Intervention Vehicle

Built for a fast deployment
– Accommodates crew of four
– Configured and equipped for:

  • CBRNE detection
  • Small scale immediate and personnel CBRNE decontamination
  • Crew and personnel protection
  • Area cordoning
  • CBRNE sampling

Incident Command Vehicle
– A mobile administrative and communication post built for a fast deployment

– Central point to Incident Commander and emergency team for overall coordination and direction of the response to an emergency

– Up-to-date capabilities to receive and send information and to communicate with other agencies which may be called in to assist during an emergency

Deployable Analytical Laboratory 2

– Designed and equipped for receipt and analysis of samples suspected to contain chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) agents posing a high risk to human health and environment

– Primary use in support to a response to CBR incidents and accidents

– Meets safety standards for the use of neat chemical warfare agents and BSL3 Laboratory in accordance with WHO and CDCBMBL regulation

Mobile Hazardous Material Treatment Unit (MHMTU)

– Mobile plasma unit for treatment ofhazardous materials
– Configured and optimized for destruction and conversion of:

  • Solid or liquidmaterial
  • Chemical waste, including PCBs, mineral oils, plastics, heavy metals, asbestos, pesticides, highly toxic chemicals such as chemical warfare agents,etc.
  • Medicalwaste
  • Radioactivewaste
  • Industrial sludge

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