HZT and our partners provide HZS validated decontamination equipment to the CBRNE response and civil & environmental protection community.
All of our own products are developed, tested and used by our staff during our own training courses. Full user training is available on all products.

CBRNE Decontamination Products

The LPD M-3 personal decontamination set is intended for efficient chemical decontamination of bare body parts, clothing, equipment and weapons! Toxic agents (HD, G, V,… ) are absorbed and adsorbed by powered montmorillonite based clay.
The set takes a form of a special fingerless glove made of rubberized net fabric padded with powdered clay at one side and a soft fabric at the other (for bulk removal). It is packaged in a waterproof bag of Al foil covered with polyethylene and having a short instruction for use. It is simply discarded when used once.
Decontamination using the LPD M-3 is very easy and simple: thanks to its small dimensions, a user could wear a set in his pocket. During contamination, a user opens the set, puts on a glove and by tapping, shakes off adsorptive clay to its clothing, weapons or equipment (or any contaminated area).
A few minutes later, a user removes clay by the means of soft fabric at the other side of a glove.


  • Dimensions: 170mm x 120mm x 35mm
  • Mass, LPD-M3: approx. 150g
  • Clay mass: approx. 100g
  • Fabric that a glove is made of is permeable, it allows dropping out 90g of clay at least during decontamination in 10 minutes period.
  • Time to prepare set for use: max 1 min.
  • Operating temperature range: from –25o C to +55o C
  • Shelf life: 5 years from the date of production