HZT provides equipment to the CBRNE response and civil & environmental protection community.Ourrange of products is enhanced by our extensiveoperational experience in the field of CBRNE.All of our own products are developed,tested and used by our staff during ourown training courses. Full user training isavailable on all products.

First responders are the ones most directly concerned in the event of a CBRNE incident. Members of the rescue services, security forces, military and health professionals must be equipped with the specific tools and training to implement immediate response measures.That’s where our range of CBRNE products come in; we provide first responders with the necessary tools to manage CBRNE incidents.We subject all the equipment that we sell to thorough field testing, through our trainings and live agent testing. These testing protocols are also a reference for the CBRNE industry.

CBRNE & Environmental Protection Products

Detection & Monitoring
  • Hotzone Identifier HazCat Kit
  • Hotzone Identifier Explosives kit
  • 3DX-Ray Systems
  • FALCON Remote Detection System
  • GSMSense Mobile Tracer & Locator system
Sampling & Analysis
  • HZS Sampling Kit
  • HZS Field Spectroscopy Kit
  • Raman Spectroscopy Identifier with HZS Database
  • ValentApps MONICA & MIDAS
  • CBRNE Protection
  • Personnel Decontamination Glove – LPD-M3
Destruction & Waste Management
  • Destruction & Waste Management
Scene Management Training
  • Incident Command Tool EAS
Instructional Equipment
  • CWA Simulants