With stricter environmental regulations, as well as restricted budgets, CBRNE live agent validation/testing protocols of equipment and procedures are limited to indoor, laboratory conditions. BUT – the systematic, controlled and safe validation and testing of CBRNE equipment under field conditions with live agents cannot be covered in a laboratory setting! With our extensive experience in the field of CBRNE we are developing and selling products through HZT that have been validated in a live agent environment.

All of our CBRNE Systems are validated through testing and training in a real environment: Live Agent Validation. For our partners – producers of CBRNe equipment we offer:

Validate in the field – Validate your product in field live agent environment before selling!

For companies developing and producing CBRNe equipment – the end-user validation in the near-real field conditions with real C/B/R/e agents can confirm the laboratory trials or point to the necessary improvements needed before start of product sales.
Live agent validation covers the range of specialist CBRNE areas and is provided at leading facilities in Europe and can be conducted with toxic chemical agents, biological threat agents, open and closed radiation sources, and explosives.

For our partners – users/buyers of CBRNe equipment we offer:

Try before you buy – Test the product in field live agent environment before buying!

For customers/entities/end-users of CBRNe equipment – the end-user testing in the near-real field conditions with real C/B/R/e agents and adopted to the user environment can confirm producer-declared technical characteristics and suitability for the intended purpose before potential procurement.

Hotzone Technologies has extensive experience in the field testing and evaluation of equipment in toxic chemical environments. Our personnel can scientifically test the following types of equipment under field conditions (and at the same time provide feedback from experienced operators):

  • personal protective equipment
  • detectors and monitors
  • non-destructive evaluation equipment
  • decontamination agents and equipment
  • sampling equipment
  • analytical instruments

HZT Hotzone Solutions offers live agent testing and validation under realistic field conditions.

Product testing can be implemented as part of the training in the same area (detection, decontamination, sampling and analysis…), provided by HZS, with integrated comparison to the existing equipment owned by the customer.