Safet Mecinovic


Safet Mecinovic

Projects Manager

Safet Mecinovic is a former CBRN Colonel of the North Macedonian Army and a highly experienced CBRN professional with over 35 years of experience in the field. Throughout his CBRN military career, he has held a variety of leadership positions in CBRN, including as a CBRN platoon commander, CBRN company commander, CBRN battalion commander, and head of the CBRN division in the General Staff of the Macedonian Armed Forces. Additionally, he has served as a senior CBRN analyst in Training Command and as head of the Arms Control and Verification Center in the Ministry of Defence. He completed his military career as CBRN Colonel.

Since 2018, Safet has been a consultant for Hotzone Solutions, providing training in CBRN. In 2020, he took on the role of Project Manager at Hotzone Solutions, where he is responsible for providing full-spectrum project management, procurement, logistics, training, and integration. He develops, submits, and maintains master schedules, project management plans, and reports. He also arranges for all necessary permits, licenses, and export requirements. Safet conducts training courses and is responsible for developing training materials, particularly for foreign students.

Safet has also held other key roles, including as a senior national representative in US CENTCOM in Tampa, Florida, USA, and as a senior CBRN teacher at the Military Academy in Skopje. He was a permanent member of the Macedonian CBRN National Body and has served as the CWC (OPCW) National Authority since 2006. He is a consultant and trainer for specialized CBRN training. He also served as a permanent member of the International ExpertsWorking Group for establishing the Regional CBRN Centre in Krusevac, Serbia. As head of the CBRN division in Macedonian General Staff, Safet had excellent cooperation with NATO CBRN bodies and was a permanent member of the NATO Joint CBRN group for 12 years.

Safet Mecinovic’s extensive knowledge and expertise in CBRN, coupled with his leadership experience in the field, make him a vital member of the Hotzone Solutions team. His contributions to the company are far-reaching, as he uses his deep understanding of CBRN to provide training and support to the mission of Hotzone Solutions.

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