Ahmed Ibrahim

Ahmed Ibrahim CBRNe Live Agents Instructor

Ahmed Ibrahim

Business Growth Director

Ahmed is the Director of Growth at Hotzoe Solutions Group and the founder of CBRN Academy and CBRN World firms. He comes with 14 years of experience in designing and delivering CBRN safety & security, learning, and education programs for worldwide clients coming from governments, military, and civilian personnel backgrounds, within an austere, hostile & intense HAZMAT & live CBRNe agents environment.

Ahmed has double Master’s degrees from the University of Rome Tor Vergata in CBRNe studies for the improvement of CBRNe educational studies for first responders and emergency communication for decision-makers.

He is a CBRNe subject matter expert who ensures that appropriate resources are available to support client training solutions to meet diverse and complex needs.

Ahmed has been awarded silver and bronze medals in radiation protection, emergency response, and tens of live Training with top military and police forces.

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