Below you will find a list of the projects Hotzone Solutions is or has been involved in.

Support to the Instrument contributing to Peace and Stability: Final Evaluation of the Instrument for Stability and CBRN Technical Expertise
Started: January 2015 – to end: July 2016

End-User Driven Demo for CBRNe (EDEN)
Started: September 2013 – to end: August 2016

Improved First Responder Ensembles Against CBRN Terrorism (IFREACT)
Started: January 2012 – end: December 2014

CBRN Advanced training Curriculum the Hague (CATCH)
Started: November 2010 – to end :April 2014

Defense Technology Project
TNO and Hotzone Solutions co-operated in this project funded by the Dutch Ministry of Defense. It centred on a statistical evaluation method used to create datasets which in turn are used to calculate alternative exposure and/or settings of existing or new CBRN detection equipment..

HZS Group, EU Commission, NATO and other projects

EUC Projects Consortium Membership

  • Improved First Responder Ensembles Against CBRN Terrorism (IF REACT) 2012-1014
  • End-user driven DEmo for cbrNe (EDEN) – 2013-2016

Other Projects

  • NATO annual CBRN protection courses participation
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Advanced Training Curriculum the Hague (CATCH) – 2010-2012