Ensuring the security of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) materials has been a part of the European Commission’s activities since 2006. In response to a report drawn up by the CBRN Task Force, which involved experts from the public and the private sector, the Commission presented a communication on the strengthening of CBRN security in the European Union, including a European CBRN action plan.

This action plan sets forth security awareness, training, and education as some of the most effective countermeasures in order to ensure that unauthorized access to CBRN materials is as difficult as possible.

Within the scope of the CBRN action plan, Hotzone Solutions developed a CBRN e-learning training programme which is designed specifically for persons working in areas where high-risk CBRN agents are present. This target group is not specifically trained to act as first responders.

Monday, 16 March, 2020 In order to provide courses that are more applicable to the current global pandemic, Hotzone Solutions Group has decided to concentrate on COVID-19 consequence mitigation. Our course focus on protection, PPE, types of PPE in use, donning  and doffing of PPE and disinfection of working areas, patients and public places.


  • Acquiring fundamental knowledge to respond to a CBRN event.
  • Understanding what hazardous substances are and their respective characteristics.
  • Learning about the risks associated with them in case of an incident.
  • Initiating emergency response procedures by notifying the proper authorities.
  • Protecting themselves and others, evacuating, calling in specialists if necessary.


  • Specific security requirements beyond ADR & other regulations.


  • Managerial aspects such as procedures, investigations, and communication.
  • Customs and border control procedures, safety and contingency planning