Our mission is to enable first responders to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from the full spectrum of CBRNE threats. These threats include industrial accidents, acts of domestic and international terrorism involving: chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) materials. More details available in our HZS Training Catalogue.

Our training is structured to cater to five different levels of responders:

Through classroom, field training with simulants and through Live Agent Training.
Wherever training is to be conducted, at one of our specialized training facilities or ‘On Site’, HZS recognise that a ‘one hat fits all’ approach simply may not be appropriate. Each of the courses listed in this catalogue can be run as specified or can be adjusted or modified to meet your needs.In this way training can match your operating procedures and equipment. HZS Training and other services by default follow recognized standards.

Command Level

Our live Agent Training And Sites

LAT with real chemical warfare agentswas very much the beginning of HZS training capabilities, it still
remains today as the very core of our training(and testing)operations. It sets us apart from other
CBRN training providers and has grown to include the areas of live pathogens (non-aerosolised)
andradioactiveemitters(open and closed). Our LAT can also include toxic materials found in the
environmentas a result of accidents, natural disasters, misuse, criminal activities or as remnants of
war.LAT can be conducted on either an individual or collective basis following our standard course
objectives or tailored to meet your own. As part of a wider training strategy, LAT is generally regarded
as the only way to fully prepare personnel for operations, stress levels, decision-making capabilities
and work rates all show improvement after the completion of Live Agent Training. More info on out
locations and standards you can see here.