Our made-to-order training and consulting is very much customer focused, we won’t tell you what you need or should do. We help you make the choice so that your own hot zone solution is born of practicality, knowledge, realism and effectiveness.

Our Consultants provide advice, technical support and management services.
This service includes

  • vulnerability and capability assessments and build-up

  • open-source threat assessments

  • operational analysis

  • procedure development and testing

  • exercises design and coordination

  • development of CBRN training curricula

  • CBRN field support for missions of all kinds with specialised equipment

HZS Group training/consultancy expertise and development
  • Actual field experience (war zones, Live Agents used, decontamination/destruction, safety arrangements)
  • Technical and technological expertise and execution of CW destruction projects (experience in relation to CW, OACW and CW in hazardous condition destruction) in different countries
  • Development of exercises, management and conduct (CI, IAU and CBRN forensic investigation)
  • National Authorities training (Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe)
  • Support to National Authorities to the OPCW in establishing national and regional Centres of Excellence (Belarus, Belgium)
  • Development of training and services to suit the user (as in accordance with its common duties and scenarios)
  • Commercial user based products (testing and calibration with use of Live agents/CBR materials)
  • Increasing market share (CBRN tools/tool boxes integration)
  • Expanding global customer base (CBRN laboratories and protection sets development and supplying)
  • Progressive’ whilst remaining customer focused (advance training and master CBRN protection programs)