Our Trainings

All Hotzone Technologies products all come with user designated training. Training programs custom made to user needs also ready.
Training may range from basic operator training through to fully specialized for integrated systems, such as the Deployable Analytical Laboratory. The ability to match the training requirement with the dedicated equipment and user’s operational mandate ensures that the end-user is fully capable of utilizing the system to its maximum potential. In combination with product-based training Hotzone Solutions offers a full and wide range of training solutions in all other areas of CBRNE and environmental response (more details available via our training catalogue), from theoretical to Live Agent Training:

Our Consultancy

HZS provides world-class consulting services and solutions in areas related to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards; explosives hazards and non-destructive evaluation of munitions, forensic investigation and the collection, handling and analysis of unknown samples.

We can also assist, in the development of training strategies, specialized skill sets and equipment operator programs. Within equipment procurement programs we can work with you by providing staff and facilities to conduct your own ‘field testing’, we can conduct field / scientific testing on your behalf.

HZS in Projects

Hotzone Solutions’ expertise is sought out by many parties. Currently, we are (consortium) members in a number of national and EU-projects. We develop, test and validate innovative products, oftentimes together with other parties. We also assist in the planning of the small, medium and large-scale demonstration exercises which usually conclude these projects. Lastly, we provide key-experts to EC-evaluation projects which evaluate past innovation programmes and initiatives. Here you will find a list of the projects Hotzone Solutions is or has been involved in.