Radiological and Nuclear Alarm Response Procedure

This Radiological and Nuclear Alarm Response Procedure course is adapted to the needs of individual organizations to enhance participants’ radiation safety and security awareness and raise their capability to detect ionizing radiation and identification techniques. Furthermore, course participants will develop skills to detect smuggled nuclear or other radioactive materials while using Radiation Portal Monitors (rpms) and Handheld Radiation Detection Equipment (HRDE).

This course also focuses on detection, alarm assessment, locating and identifying R/N materials (the source may be hidden inside a container, cargo, trucks cabins, small and large vehicles, packages, baggage, luggage or even smuggled by a pedestrian). This course is recommended to be taken regularly (6-12 months) to refresh students with new techniques to mask and hide smuggled N/R materials and be able to conduct an effective secondary inspection to disposition radiation alarms appropriately.

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