IED/WMD Electronics Training

Predominantly classroom based, this course starts with threat assessment techniques and table top exercises, where the techniques required to effectively deal with a range of currently utilized terrorist devices are discussed. The course then moves into electronics where basic electronic principles are discussed and the practical application of these principles are put into practice with the class building several currently employed IED circuits. All students are presented with a detailed work book and an electronics kit so that these skills can be practiced post course. Advanced X ray techniques, realistic X-ray safety, such as the hazards associated with X raying devices that are attached to hostages are covered. The course concludes with a range day that introduces the use of some of the Alford tools and in particular their use against vbieds.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Conduct basic threat assessment protocols consisting of
    • Overview and introduction to threat assessment
    • Electronics training germane to Bomb Squad members
    • Advanced X ray techniques relevant for IED response and mitigation
    • Utilization of Counter VBIED tools and techniques

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