Chemical Live Agent Training (CWLAT)

This course is to provide first responders with the required competencies in analysing, planning and implementing the basic response (including medical counter measures) when confronted with a chemical warfare agent (CWA) in a live agent environment.   

Students will gain an understanding of the basic principles for recognising and detecting CWA materials and tims and the means of dealing with it in a live agent environment.

This course requires the students to have a Chemical Safety Awareness course and, medical clearance from employer to wear personal protective equipment.

Study a CWA Agent incident to determine the magnitude of the problem in terms of outcome by the following:

  • Knowledge on chemical and physical properties of CWA
  • Identification of signs and symptoms of exposure to CWA
  • Prediction of the potential behaviour of CWA
  • First aid and medical countermeasures
  • Planning the Response
  • Identify and prepare the relevant equipment to perform hot zone entries
  • Identify Health and Safety hazards and risks associated with hot zone activities
  • Identify standard and non-standard decontamination materials
  • Know the pros and cons of the different types of measuring techniques and instruments
  • Identification of control zones

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