Certified Radiation Protection Officer in NORM and TENORM Operations

Certified Radiation Protection Officer in NORM and TENORM Operations – Hotzone Solutions has designed this engaging course to provide detailed instructions in radiation safety and NORM control programs for personnel assigned the duties of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

NORM Field Supervisor or are Tasked with the NORM Control program within their company, such as safety and environmental personnel.

The course provides the necessary knowledge and practical abilities required to Implement and monitor a Radiation Protection Program and Provide onsite control and supervision during work activities involving NORM.

To maximise the benefits of this course, participants should have:

Responsibility for organising the training of personal. 

Authority to perform the functions of a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO).

Be a central point of reference within a company for radiation protection matters related to NORM and TENORM Operations.

Responsibility for carrying out or directly supervise contingency plans in the event of an accident or incident.

Accountable for safety procedures concerning NORM waste management and the protection of the public in the vicinity of the facility.

Hotzone Solutions subject matter experts will deliver this course using classroom multi-media presentations, discussions, case studies and equipment familiarisation. This program aims to fully equip the participant with the knowledge and skills to identify the potential hazards of ionising radiation and ensure safety for all while performing NORM and TENORM related activities in industries, such as Oil Gas, Mining and Milling, and Petrochemicals.

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