CBRN Theory and Operational Course for First Responders

CBRN Theory and Operational Course for First Responders – Hotzone Solutions has designed this course for participants to support them to deal with critical CBRN incidents and events.

We provide information, knowledge, and practical skills to enable participants to respond to CBRN incidents to build the participants’ competencies and capabilities during the course.

This course covers critical areas of the 1st response such as Command & Control, Recognition of CBRN incidents, CBRN decontamination, CBRN PPE & RPE requirements together with CBRN detection equipment. Upon completing this course, the participants will have an outstanding level of knowledge. If they are qualified trainers, they will have the material to further train participants to operational standards. By the end of the course, participants should understand the main characteristics and effects of CBRNe and HAZMAT events and the fundamental response to such events.

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