Bomb Squad/SWAT Interoperability Training

Divided into two phases: Phase I: Covers the skills and equipment required to hand enter and defeat an IED where the use of disruptors is precluded. All theory lessons are supported by practical practice sessions. This phase concludes with several full IED tasks against hostage and other category “A” devices.

Phase II: Aimed at conducting operations in support of a SWAT team for both dynamic and covert operations. SWAT commanders are also introduced to the training and briefed upon the new capabilities of the course personnel. The course concludes with a series of exercises that require the full interoperability of a SWAT team and Bomb Squad to resolve the situation.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to:

  • Formulate a rapid threat assessment, conduct a hand entry or rapid disruptor deployment while maintaining the momentum of a SWAT assault
  • Support SWAT team response operations when IED threat exists and the use of a disruptor is often precluded
  • Support response operations involving major public events where an IED is discovered and no opportunity to evacuate exists
  • Support response for major bombing incidents where a second device has been discovered but rescue operations cannot be stopped to allow for a conventional IED response

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