Biological Live Agent Training (BLAT)

The scope of the course is to provide bio sampling team members and basic level operators of biological detectors with the required competence to understand the potential dangers of biological agents, how to avoid those dangers, to collect samples in a safe and sterile manner, to safely package and transport the samples without losing integrity and viability, to open samples in a safe environment, to be able to perform basic handling of biological agents, and to effectively decontaminate samples, equipment, and surfaces.

The course also provides basic knowledge about biological agents and infectious diseases in general and provides understanding of the dangers and threats of biological agents.

The scope does not include recording of the samples and maintenance of chain-of-custody.

The course does not include medical countermeasures such as vaccination or therapeutic measures against such infection. Trainees need to have completed the basic course (Biosafety awareness or similar), or need to have demonstrable equivalent experience or educational level. Basic knowledge of biological agent types, detection equipment, and decontamination.

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