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Chemical & Radiological Live Agents Training Instructors Fundamentals

2nd - 6th October (09:00 to 17:00 CET)


Upgrade Your Expertise: Become a Certified Live Agents Training Instructor

About this course

Join our exclusive Train the Trainer Course and elevate your career as a CBRN professional

Don’t wait any longer to begin your journey as CBRN Instructor! Join our Train the Trainer Course: Chemical & Radiological Live Agent Training (LAT) Instructor Fundamentals and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills required to become a competent instructor with solid experience dealing with real chemical & radiological agents.

Discover the fundamentals of designing, organizing and delivering practical and effective live agent training with our comprehensive course. This immersive program is designed for mid-level to senior CBRN professionals eager to enhance their skills in delivering basic detection, decontamination, and protection exercises with live warfare chemical and radiological agents. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from experienced CBRN instructors who bring valuable insights and practical knowledge from training various response units around the world.

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Explore Unmatched Knowledge with Our Instructors

An extraordinary chance to learn from the best in the industry. Our distinguished instructors are not only accomplished professionals but also highly respected experts in the CBRNe field. By enrolling in this exclusive Train the Trainer program, you’ll gain access to their extencive knowledge, unparalleled expertise, and invaluable practical experience, setting you apart as a top-tier CBRNe professional

Boban Cekovic CBRNe Live Agents Instructor
Boban Cekovic
CBRN/HAZMAT Professional
A former CBRNe Officer and HAZMAT Response Leader with nearly 30 years of experience as a live field trainer and CBRNe research and development. Boban served as a Chemical Warfare/Munition Specialist, Team Leader, and Instructor at Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
Ahmed Ibrahim CBRNe Live Agents Instructor
Ahmed Ibrahim
CBRNe Learning Specialist
A microbiologist with dynamic mindset in the CBRNe training and education sector. He is specialized in developing educational courses, learning management systems, and effective crisis communication programs. His proficiency strengthens the emergency readiness and response capacities of public and private entities.
Gary Walters
CBRNe Police Officer
With almost 30-year experience in CBRNe at the at Metropolitan Police, Gary is an accomplished instructor. During his career, he has developed CBRNe tactics and doctrines, including operational assistance and advice to specialised units and government agencies within the UK and overseas.
Safet Mecinovic
Former CBRNe Colonel
A 35-year veteran in CBRNe with extensive knowledge and international experience at operational and strategic levels. He possesses a deep understanding of the subject matter and proven record in designing and implementing effective CBRNe reconnaissance, preparedness, prevention, and response strategies.
Richard Mead
CBRN/Counterterrorism Specialist
Richard is a skilled expert with +25 years of experience in Counter Terrorism, specializing in CBRN threats. As a Police National CBRN Instructor at the Metropolitan Police and a Methamphetamine Illicit Drug Lab Site Safety Officer in California, he consistently demonstrates exceptional responsibility and discretion.
Darius Burak
Health and Safety Specialist
A specialized medic in CBRNe, with extensive international experience including the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), ICTY, and UNGCI. His work focused on first aid and medical response in toxic environments, the management of CBRN casualties, and life support in emergency situations.
Profile of Participants

Who is this course for?

Our Chemical & Radiological Live Agent Training: Instructor Fundamentals Course is meticulously designed for mid-level to senior CBRNe professionals and instructors for various units, such as first responders, military personnel, healthcare practitioners, and laboratory technicians. This program is ideally suited for those with a strong foundation in CBRNe/HAZMAT training, but who lack live agent training experience or haven’t led live agent training sessions before. This training course is also meant to be a great refresher for any accomplished trainer. 

Participants in this course are already accomplished professionals in their respective fields, yet they seek to broaden their knowledge and hone their teaching methodologies. By engaging with peers from similar backgrounds, attendees will not only enhance their expertise but also learn how to better prepare others for responding to incidents in toxic or radioactive environments. Enrol in our course today and elevate your career as a CBRNe professional.

Who should Attend?

Elevate Your CBRNe Career

Lead the CBRN preparedness, equipping your team with the vital live agent training experience, and gain the confidence to respond effectively to real-life chemical and radiological incidents.

Emergency Responders

Healthcare Professionals

Government Officials

Environmental Scientists

Industrial Safety Trainers

Educators and Researchers

Limited Availability With ONLY 10 Spots.
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LAT Train the Trainer course is starting at the Military Research Institute within

Don't miss your chance to train at this exceptional live agent facility – act now!
Course Contents

What Will You Learn?

Supercharge your CBRNe teaching abilities and unlock your full potential

  • Apply safety-related procedures
  • Gain confidence in PPE
  • Operate detectors in a live environment
  • Assess the suitability of detectors
  • Assess the impact of chemical / radiological properties
  • Assess environmental factors
  • Apply the information from the detection strategy
  • Comprehend the principles of decontamination
  • Apply methods of decontamination to varying surfaces
  • Comprehend contamination control methods
  • Consider pre-task essentials
  • Execute radiation dose self-protection measures
  • With a focus on hands-on training and practical applications.

Become a trainer and get your silver medal

Why you should join us

Unparalleled training for real CBRN agents and scenarios!

Discover the Top 3 Reasons to Choose Our LAT Train the Trainer Course

Chemical Live Agents Expertise

Gain hands-on experience with live chemical warfare agents like GB, VX, and HD. Enhance your detection, decontamination, and protection skills in real scenarios.

Radioactive Source Mastery

Learn to handle closed β- and γ-radioactive sources safely and effectively. Increase your understanding of radioactive properties and their impact on your training and operations.

Certification and Recognition

Seize this unique opportunity to earn your Silver Medal and Train the Trainer Certificate from Hotzone Solutions Live Agent Training, showcasing your commitment to professional development.


Get Your Silver Medal and Certificate of Completion:

Upon the successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the prestigious Silver Medal of Hotzone Solutions Live Agent Training, along with a Certificate of Completion  that will highlight your unyielding commitment to advancing your knowledge and your exceptional proficiency as a CBRNe live agent instructor.

Streamlined Participant Journey

Follow the steps

Create new opportunities for you and your organisation


Choose your Offer

After reviewing the course, seize the opportunity to secure our limited-time Early Bird Discount, available until May 11th. Alternatively, contact us for group or organization bookings. Payments are made securely, and with numerous payment options to choose from, you can opt for the most convenient method to suit your needs.


Reserve your Spot

To guarantee your seat, swiftly complete your course registration online or contact our support team for group registrations. Although securing your spot is contingent upon meeting all prerequisite requirements, processing your payment ensures your reservation in the course. Act fast to take advantage of this exceptional learning opportunity


Submit Prerequisites

After securing your seat, ensure you meet the necessary prerequisites like completing the CBRNe General Awareness course, medical clearance for PPE, and an employer recommendation letter. Also, confirm 3+ years of CBRN field experience, CBRN training/teaching experience, and completion of a CBRN Train the Trainer course or equivalent.


Application Confirmation

After receiving your prerequisites, our team will review them. Within two business days, expect an application update. Should we need more information, we'll ask for it; if accepted, you'll receive vital logistics, support contacts, and course preparation details. Keep in mind, fulfilling prerequisites is crucial for eligibility in this distinct training opportunity.


Engage & Succeed

Ultimately, delve into our extensive, authentic Live Agent training in the chemical and radiological fields, handling real agents like VX, GB, HD, and Beta and Gamma radioactive sources. Collaborate, learn, and advance alongside industry Peers. Upon completion, you'll be awarded a distinguished trainer certificate and a silver medal, commemorating your achievement.

Unique live agent training expertise for real-world readiness.

In this specialized course, we leverage decades of experience to provide comprehensive live agent chemical and radiological training, equipping participants with the confidence and expertise to handle diverse scenarios effectively.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have unanswered questions?

Yes, a security clearance is essential for participation. A letter of recommendation/reference from the participant’s employer or supervisor is required, endorsing their participation in the Train-the-Trainer LAT course.

This training course is highly selective, and both Hotzone Solutions and the training site reserve the right to reject any admission without providing details. To ensure all participants meet the necessary prerequisites, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Minimum of 3 years of experience in the CBRNe field
  2. Experience in training or teaching CBRNe subjects
  3. Completion of a CBRNe Train the Trainer course or equivalent
  4. Familiarity with relevant national and international CBRNe guidelines and regulations
  5. Medical clearance to work in PPE
  6. A letter of recommendation/reference from the participant’s employer or supervisor, endorsing their participation in the Train-the-Trainer LAT course and confirming they meet the above requirements.

Hotzone Solutions can provide an invitation letter for the course duration, but the participant must consult the Czech Republic embassy for travel regulations based on their nationality. Hotzone Solutions cannot guarantee visa issuance.

While Hotzone Solutions can recommend a few hotels near the training facility in Vyskov and Brno city, accommodation is not included in the course price, and participants must arrange hotel bookings themselves.

Participants are required to be at Hotel Selsky Dvur at 8:15 AM on training days. Hotzone Solutions will arrange a bus to transport all participants to and from the training site.


Invest in Your Expertise: Check Our All-Inclusive Pricing

Take the first step in protecting your community – Transform your CBRNe career and inspire the next generation.

Your Investment in Our Course Comes with Valuable Inclusions:
  • Site and practical facilities costs
  • Daily onsite medical checks prior to and after every entry
  • AChE blood laboratory analysis
  • Transportation to and from the facility
  • Personnel Protective Equipement
  • Fit-test for PPE
  • Visa invitation support
  • Course materials
  • Onsite catering

Don't hesitate - Reserve your place and fuel your enthusiasm for live agent training. Foster the growth of your CBRN career.

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Take the first step in protecting your community – Transform your CBRNe career and inspire the next generation.

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Challenge yourself to reach new heights as a CBRNe professional; conquer live agent training and stand out as an excelent instructor

Seize the opportunity to excel in CBRNe training by learning from our instructors who possess first-hand experience in hotspots like Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Our Train-the-Trainer course is led by seasoned experts, including former CBRNe military and police officers and OPCW inspectors. They will share their in-depth knowledge and real-world experience to empower you in delivering effective CBRNe training to others. Register now to elevate your skills and foster collaboration among emergency response, military, and law enforcement professionals. Don’t miss your chance to become a leading CBRNe trainer.

LAT “Train The Trainers” Course (2-6 Oct 2023)

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Our Partners

Thank you for supporting us

We extend our sincere gratitude to our partners, including the Military Research Institute (Vojenský výzkumný ústav, s. p.), for their unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch CBRNe training courses throughout the past decade. Their expertise and resources have allowed us to provide exceptional training experiences for our attendees. The institute is dedicated to researching ways to safeguard citizens from weapons of mass destruction and related threats.

Together, we emphasize the significance of CBRNe preparedness and education. Seize the opportunity to train at this unique live agent facility – take action today!

Limited Availability With ONLY 10 Spots.
Secure Yours Now!

LAT Train the Trainer course is starting at the Military Research Institute within​

Don't miss your chance to train at this exceptional live agent facility – act now!
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Before participating in the course, participants should ensure they meet the following prerequisites:

Chemical & Radiological Live Agents Training instructors Fundamentals “Train The Trainers” Course

Before participating in the course, It’s important to ensure that all participants meet the necessary prerequisites for the training as the following:

      • Passport copy.
      • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the CBRN field.
      • Experience in training or teaching CBRN subjects.
      • Completion of a CBRN Train the Trainer course or equivalent.
      • Familiarity with relevant national and international CBRN guidelines and regulations.
      • Medical clearance to work in PPE.
      • A letter of recommendation/reference from their employer or supervisor endorsing their participation in the LAT course (and the above requirements).
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Join our exclusive Train the Trainer Course and elevate your career as a CBRN professional
LAT “Train The Trainers” Course (2-6 Oct 2023)